DancingWithMich.com is Now Live!


I am very pleased to share my website, DancingWithMich.com, is now live! Well, the site has been live for many, many years but I finally bit the bullet and bought the domain name!

I’ve danced for over 18 years, and have taught dance for 13 years as an instructor and choreographer for dance teams, workshop classes, and private lessons. Over the years, groups and individuals have asked me to teach classes for them; from teaching routines for wedding parties to providing 1-on-1 private lessons to help dancers hone their skills, to teaching fun workshops for college students or adults, I’ve done it all!

Most folks find out about me through word-of-mouth; however, I set up this website probably 5 years ago to direct individuals to if they wanted to see my background & bio, videos, and testimonials.

Over the years, I’ve picked up more and more dance gigs. Each year, I probably am booked to do at least two weddings (a Spring wedding and a Fall wedding).

Last month, I was asked my a colleague of mine to teach a dance class to UCI students. The workshop was part of their class series on exploring resilience through our bodies and movement.

For many, learning how to dance is a daunting, embarrassing, and intimidating process! To be able to mentally “let go” and feel comfortable with moving your body is a difficult skill to learn, especially when many people are self-conscious! To help students come out of their shell and to see them gain more confidence is an extremely rewarding experience!

My friend shot some photos for me and took some videos (which I now have featured on my site!). My friend also asked if I did this often, which was when I replied, “yes!” and wanted to show them my website.

Now, it is very hard to type in “DancingWithMich.Wordpress.com” on your phone when you’re trying to show someone your site in a hurry, so that is when I decided to buy my domain name so it is easier for folks to find me.

Needless to say, I’ll probably be back to UCI to teach another dance class, but this time, for staff!