GS Krav Maga Website Facelift

GS Krav Maga_Website 1

I am very pleased to share the new GS Krav Maga website has been relaunched! I was brought on as a Marketing Consultant for this company earlier this year, and one of my big projects I wanted to tackle was the website.

Your website for your company is like your face – it’s the first thing people see and can leave a lasting first impression. So if your website is not to date, if it looks old, and isn’t mobile friendly, it may be a big turn off!

So when I first saw the site I noticed a few problems:

  • The formatting and overall look and feel were not cohesive or uniform. I counted 6 different fonts used and all the headers and text were different sizes and colors. It was hard to read the text and the buttons didn’t stand out enough.
  • The site wasn’t mobile friendly. Desktops are becoming a thing of the past, and not having a mobile friendly site means your company will be seen as a digital dinosaur! Having a mobile friendly site is an absolute must for companies and helps build your credibility as a modern and legitimate business!
  • Hard to find information. It was difficult to find information on the site, which is a big no-no! Visitors need to be able to find exactly what they are looking for, and fast! If not, they will give up and move on which means lost potential customers!

Here’s the thing, the site actually had GREAT content! The problem mainly had to do with organization of information and visual look. So I went to town giving the site a much, much needed face lift:

  • I made all the fonts, titles, and copy the same format, sizes, and colors for a cohesive look and feel across each page.
  • I changed the colors of the text to match the company logo (bye-bye random orange, blue, red, black, and grey colors!).
  • I made the entire site mobile friendly and designed the page so it was a long page scrolling design for desktops.GS Krav Maga_Website 3
  • I added buttons (“View Class Schedule” and “Get Started Today”) to each page to make it easy for visitors to sign up with our studio and to see when classes are held.GS Krav Maga_Website 2
  • I picked out the best testimonials and added them to each page that described each class that was offered. Testimonials are powerful tools that can help build credibility for your business. I mean, who doesn’t first look at a restaurant’s Yelp page before trying it out? You’re more likely to try a new service/business if a 3rd party speaks highly of that service/business.
  • I modernized the overall look and feel of the site, bringing it into the 21st century!

I’m very proud of the outcome of this project, as the site is now, clean, sleek, user-friendly, and mobile friendly!