5 Ways to Improve Your Yelp Business Page

9Round Irvine_Yelp

Yelp is an amazing platform for new customers to find your business, learn more about your services, and become loyal fans! Yelp is the digital version of “word of mouth,” and the more customers you can get to post positive reviews about your business, share pictures, and rave about the amazing customer service they received at your business, the more new customers you will gain.

Here are five ways to improve your Yelp business page:

#1 Simply ask people (in person!) to write a positive review about your business on Yelp

Nothing beats asking someone face-to-face to please post a review about your business on Yelp. If a customer had a positive experience with you, ask them right then and there to go to Yelp and share that positive experience. Most of the time they will, particularly if they are in a good mood because you helped them!

Asking people to post a positive review about your business on social media or via email marketing works; however, you want individuals to share stories/experiences about the amazing customer service you provided to them, so why not remind them RIGHT when they experience it?

After they post the review, reply to their post to acknowledge and thank them for the time they took to leave you a review.

#2 Include as much information as you can on your business page

Think of Yelp as a branch of your website. The more information you have on your Yelp business page the better.

  1. Do you list your business hours?
  2. Do you list your contact information & website?
  3. Do you have a written message from the business?
  4. Do you include information about parking? Appointments? Accepting credit cards? etc.?

When consulting for a local gym business, I did an audit of their Yelp page and discovered they did not have their hours listed! One of the significant factors that differentiated this gym from other gyms in the areas was that they opened at 5:30 AM while other gyms in the area opened at 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM.

What a huge opportunity to miss out on sharing this information!

This half hour to an hour difference may mean the difference between gaining and losing a potential customer. In the morning, folks usually try to fit a work out session in before they go to work. Highlighting that this gym is open earlier than others means potential customers could come in earlier to work out and not have to rush to get to work.

No matter how minor the detail is, be sure to share all and everything there is to know about your business. You never know what factors potential customers are considering – e.g. free parking vs. metered parking; open late hours, delivery available, etc.

If potential customers visit your Yelp page and struggle to find basic information such as your contact information, address, hours, etc. they won’t bother to take the time to check out your business. So take the extra few minutes to fill out as much information as you can!

#3 Upload photos (lots of them!)

Yelp for Business Owners allows owners to post photos to their account. Take advantage of this by uploading as many photos as you can that showcase the following:

Your store/business: Showcase the space; the ambiance; the facility; is your space clean? Is it tidy? Is it spacious? Does it have an outdoor area, e.g. an outdoor patio? What is your business next to? What is parking like?

Customers/clients (if applicable): For the gym I was consulting for, their target marketing is individuals of all ages & fitness levels. I recommended they post photos of their gym members that reflected this target market. Particularly when it comes to fitness gyms, folks are looking for individuals that look like them because they are trying to see if they would “fit in” with that group.

Of course, only post photos of customers/clients when it makes sense. If you have a vacuum repair shop, then posting photos of customers wouldn’t make too much sense (or maybe it does? Kidding).

Include photo captions: Provide context! People are very visual, so they will be looking at your photos. Take advantage of this opportunity to share something about your business that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise know.

Whether the caption highlights a special deal, a particular food dish, a type of service, a current customer/client, etc. – post with intent and take the opportunity to share valuable information with your potential customers that they otherwise wouldn’t know.

9Round Irvine_Lunchtime crew
“Our lunchtime crew likes to fit in a quick workout during their lunch break”

This short caption share a lot of information about the gym:

  1. The gym is open during lunch hours (some are not! Some close after 10:00 AM and open up after 5:00 PM).
  2. People like to come and workout at this gym together. This could be a fun activity to do with coworkers and friends.
  3. Workouts are quick enough to do during the lunch break.
  4. The photo also highlights three current members. Remember our earlier point about featuring current clients/customers? Potential clients may look at this photo and relate to any of these three members and think “hey! that looks like fun and I could see myself doing that!”
9Round HB
Gloves, wraps, and a heart rate monitor are included with membership!

In this 2nd example, the photo did not have a caption so I decided to highlight that new members get three key starter items: gloves, wraps, and a heart rate monitor. Without this context or information included, potential customers wouldn’t know about all the goodies they would get if they signed up for a membership.

Share photos of your service/product: Before & after photos of a particular service provided (e.g. a carpet cleaning service); photos of your product (e.g. food dishes); photos of your staff/employees providing a service (e.g. fitness trainer assisting a gym member).

Imagine potential customers are from outer space and know nothing about your business. Use photos to help them understand/get to know/see your business, your brand, your service, your product.

Sometimes individuals don’t want to click through and read all the reviews that a business has. Instead, they choose to flip through your business photos (I know I do this!). On my own personal Yelp page, I tend to post a lot of photos. In the past 90 days, 13,058 have viewed my photos (wow!).

So take advantage of the few seconds a person may take to look at your business photos and share valuable, nuggets of information they otherwise wouldn’t get if they didn’t look at your website or read your reviews.

#4 Help customers find you on Yelp organically

Do you have your Yelp page linked to your website?
Do you have the Yelp logo and link in your email signature?

Look for opportunities when and where you communicate with current customers that you are on Yelp. Whether it is verbally, digitally, or by simply putting a sticker up in your business window that says “People love us on Yelp!” keep reminding folks that you are on there! People don’t know what they don’t know, so make sure you tell them on as many communication channels as possible that you’re on Yelp.

#5 Offer amazing customer service or an amazing product. Every. Single. Time.

Have you ever received such a positive customer service experience or product that was so over the top amazing that you had to tell all your friends about it and convince them that they too should go to a certain business for that said service or product?

I know I have.

When I find out about a new bakery or restaurant I love, I have to tell all my friends about it so they too can experience the amazing service or food I experienced.

Happiness is contagious.

If you provide amazing customer service or an amazing product, every, single, time — and if you delight your customers and turn them into loyal promoters — they will go off and send all their friends and family to you so that they too can experience your amazing product/service.

Essentially, by simply providing a high quality experience, you are gaining free marketers/advertisers who will advocate for you and help promote your business. None of this matter if your product or service is crap. You must first have something amazing that you offer so that customers will want to rant and rave about you.

So there you have it! Five easy tips to improve your Yelp business page. Good luck!