9Round Irvine Photoshoot

I am so pleased to have served as Creative Director on our most recent shoot at the 9Round Irvine gym!

I have had the great privilege of being a member of the 9Round Irvine gym since it opened in 2017. In 2018 I joined the team as their Social Media Manager. After about a year and a half, I briefly took a step back before returning as a Social Media Consultant and Content Contributor.

As part of our content strategy, I wanted our own in-house stock photos that we could use for ads, promotions and our daily content we feature.

It was important we created high-quality, original content that featured our trainers and members. This strategy fell in line with social media best practices: to create authentic and genuine content that would resonate with your followers.

We had a great opportunity to collaborate with one of our members who was also a professional photographer (use your resources!). In exchange for waived fees, she offered her photography skills to us free of charge (a win-win situation).

Our trainers and members loved participating in our photo shoots because they enjoyed being featured on our social media sites. It helped foster loyalty and pride among our 9Round community; posts that featured our members and trainers garnered higher engagement rates than stock photos provided by corporate.

Another part of my strategy was to share all the photo files with the participants in the shoot. I requested that if they posted the photos on social media to please tag us and give 9Round a shout out (which they did).

Their content on their personal social media sites generated traffic to our social media sites which in turn sparked interest in who we were and what we were about. Not only would this increase our exposure and reach, but it also led to lead generations. Again, win-win.

This year, our original photographer left our gym so we collaborated with one of our other members to do the shoot. I am incredibly pleased with the way the photos turned out.

I enjoy serving as Creative Director on the shoots. Between our two photographers, our old one and our new one, the style of photography is slightly different. I think this will serve us well because it’s important to mix things up and try something different to see how it resonates with our followers.

Due to time constraints on our new photographer’s schedule, I also now edit all our photos. Here are some of our shots from this past weekend. Enjoy!


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About Michelle Mar

Michelle Mar is an Internal Communications & Culture Manager at FirstService Residential. She is also a Marketing Consultant for small businesses. Her strengths include storytelling, visual content creation and communications. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @msmichellemar.