9Round Irvine Compilation Videos

As part of my role as a Social Media Consultant for 9Round Irvine, I contribute content to the gym’s social media sites. The kickboxing gym has accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve been a member at 9Round Irvine since its opening in August of 2017. The 9Round fitness program includes 30 minute workouts that include elements of kickboxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio, weight training and more. The gym boasts nine rounds where members do a different workout at each round for three minutes with a 30-second active rest in between (doing burpees, push ups, etc.).

The best element of the fitness program is no class times. A new circuit starts every three minutes and members can jump in at any round. Also, the workout changes every day so members never get bored.

Members doing padwork with the trainers who are there to guide, motivate and coach the members during their workout. Whenever I am in the gym as a member or as a trainer, I like to get footage of members doing padwork with trainers or working out at a station. Both help to show prospective members what the gym atmosphere is like. I then like to put the footage together in a compilation video with transitions and upbeat music.

We have found that these compilation videos garner a high number of views, particularly on Instagram and especially in comparison to stock videos that are provided by corporate.

My theory, which has proven to be accurate for our particular target audience and business, is that original and genuine content on social media will be more engaging than generic or stock photos. The reason is because individuals want to know what it is really like to be a part of the 9Round Irvine family. They want to see what types of people go there — are they the more “Lululemon” type, or hardcore UFC fighters or more like the Planet Fitness crowd? What do the trainers look like? Do they seem fun and friendly?

By quickly browsing through our social media content, prospective clients are able to quickly get a good idea of the type of gym we are and what types of people come here. We make a point to showcase our different trainers and diverse members (age, race, ethnicity, body type, etc.).

We have found this strategy to be very effective because it supports our brand that 9Round is for everyone. Whether someone is a former UFC fighter or just starting to workout after years of inactivity, everyone can get a great workout at 9Round.

My passion and support for the gym and its fitness program is the main reason why I became a Social Media Consultant for them and why I became one of the trainers. You have to believe in the product you are selling, and I am a huge fan of 9Round!

About Michelle Mar

Michelle Mar is an Internal Communications & Culture Manager at FirstService Residential. She is also a Marketing Consultant for small businesses. Her strengths include storytelling, visual content creation and communications. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @msmichellemar.