Simple Guide to Creating Social Media Quote Cards

Social media quote cards are a great and easy way to create engaging, positive and inspirational content. The cards can include any combination of words, graphics and photos. Here are some examples: So why should you consider using social media quote cards? Social media quote cards are another form of content that can inspire, motivate and […]

Relaunch of New GUTS OC, Inc. Website!

I am so pleased to have revamped and relaunched the new website for GUTS OC, Inc., an outpatient facility that combines therapy, neurofeedback and skills training to provide streamlined, customized care for teens and adults who are struggling with ADHD, anxiety and depression. I met Victoria Brown, the founder of GUTS OC through a mutual […]

Should You Automate Social Media Posting?

Should you automate social media posting? I get asked this question quite a bit from business owners and other marketing colleagues. So what’s my answer? It depends. There are many pros and cons to automation. Automation saves time, particularly if you are strapped for time or manpower. It also allows you to plan ahead and […]

Experimenting with Two GoPros!

I have two exciting announcements! First: I bought a new bike! I am now the proud owner of a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard s40. It has a 650cc engine, (over 2.5x the size of my current bike’s engine!). It’s a lightweight single-cylinder cruiser bike that is the perfect upgrade for me. It’s easy to maneuver and […]

Tips to Stay On Top of Social Media Content Creation

I love social media! Even more, I love creating content for social media! At one point I was managing the content for four different companies across various platforms all at the same time. So how did I do it? By planning ahead, being strategic and creating cheat sheets and tools. Here are my tips and […]

A Day at Disneyland With abc7 News!

Last week I was invited to Disneyland by abc7 news to help promote the park’s summer features and new park, Galaxy’s Edge. I joined abc7 news staff and 10 other abc7 eyewitnesses for a day filled with rides, dole whip and much, much more. The new Star Wars park opened earlier this summer and features a […]

4 Qualities of Great Managers

I have had the privileged to work in varying industries — non-profit, for-profit, higher education, STEM, law, architecture, criminal justice etc. — and in doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different managers. I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have always had great supervisors (all of which I still keep […]