Building structures, rebuilding lives

Boulder Associates Architects designs a new home for EarthLinks, a Colorado based non-profit aimed at battling homeless and poverty through Earth-centered programs.

Bringing a river of life to the tree of life

Boulder Associates Architects volunteers with Family Legacy Mission International to bring accessible healthcare to thousands of orphans in Zambia

Legal aid in action: Serving the homeless at the Santa Ana Civic Center

Learn how Legal Aid Society of Orange County provides free legal aid services to the growing homeless population living at the Santa Ana Civic Center.

Fighting Goliath: A mother’s battle with big insurance

What would you do if your child was sick with a life threatening disorder? What if after years of research, treatment, and doctors’ visits, there seemed to be no cure? What if, by a miracle, a doctor on the other side of the country said he would operate on your son and greatly improve his quality of life? What if your insurance company denied coverage for the medical transportation needed to take your son to see this doctor? Learn how the Legal Aid Society of Orange County helped a mother overcome her battle with big insurance to get her son the life threatening procedure he needed.

In their own words: “Miracles can indeed happen”

I created a series at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County called “In their own words,” which showcases firsthand accounts, experiences, and stories from Legal Aid Society attorneys, staff, and volunteers who provide free legal aid services to our community’s most vulnerable populations.

This series is aimed at showcasing not only the impact these services have on the clients they serve, but also the profound impact these cases and clients have on the attorneys professionally and personally.